Advanced Well Stimulation Strategies

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About This Course
Optimal drainage of a reservoir, both physically and economically, is not as straightforward as it used to be in the good old days. Different well paths are available for different geological structures: conventional, vertical, slanted and horizontal wells. Also corkscrew, fish hook wells or snake wells are on offering if the geology demands. Next to that various types of multi-lateral, multiple horizontal wells, complete the picture. Drillers can do anything, but will those wells flow? Often hydraulic fracturing is required, especially in low permeability reservoirs. The question is: How do we clean, stimulate or otherwise optimize the inflow? 
Why You Should Attend
This course is designed for those involved in all aspects of well completion design and has the emphasis on well stimulation. Each topic is introduced by a concise lecture followed by one or two exercises. The course concludes with a comprehensive exercise in which the students, with the aid of state of the art acidizing and hydraulic fracturing simulators, will:

Select candidates from group of wells
Make a proposal for the selection of a treatment for each candidate
Design of the selected treatment
Make a comparison with alternative treatment(s)

Participants with a field or a cluster of wells for which they want to select candidates and to design treatments, are encouraged to bring them to the course.
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