6 Secret Steps to the Most Effective Way to Online Dating on YOUR Terms

Hotel Indigo Boston - Newton Riverside - 6 Secret Steps to the Most Effective Way to On...

Hotel Indigo Boston - Newton Riverside
Friday 30.11.2018
From 14:00 Up to 17:00
Hotel Indigo Boston - Newton Riverside
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A Special Invitation For Smart, Successful Divorced Women (Singles too!)
6 Secret Steps to the Most Effective Way to Online Dating on YOUR Terms 
This dating world can be so much fun, exhilarating, freeing and joyful if you know how to navigate it. Like anything, it just takes a bit of time, thoughtfulness and testing to see what is right for you. Imagine that you are finally heading to that favorite event or restaurant you have been wanting to enjoy on a Friday night, or experiencing something you have been thinking about doing. You are excited, confident and self-assured about how you feel about yourself, your sense of thriving social community and your next chapter.  But the challenge is that right now you feel alone and have a deep fear building – you are afraid and wondering if you will be alone forever. “How did I get here?” you may ask or are frustrated for not being in a different place at this time in your life.
After a 25-year marriage, running a successful executive strategy, coaching and global leadership development practice for three decades, my nine-year divorce process left me feeling overwhelmed, lonely and ill-equipped. Yet I made it through and am happier than I have ever been, and now I want to share my core insights, tools and gems with you. I have applied my business experience to the dating process, specifically keeping objectivity and efficiency in the forefront and the early stages where women waste so much time, energy and heart.
Here is one key secret I have learned (much to the media’s dismay): Women have the upper hand in online dating (I am 51 and I am not a supermodel!) – really – all you need is a guide to help you navigate this new terrain while embodying your amazing qualities and apply them to the dating process.
Join me on Friday, November 30 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM to learn: 6 Secret Steps to the Most Effective Way to Online Dating on YOUR Terms
The purpose of the Divorced to Divine (D2D) workshop is to help you:
Achieve 3 BREAKTHROUGH OUTCOMES before the holidays! Increase self care now that will sustain you as you:

Learn the online secrets that will increase your know-how with the online process and the dating apps with greater confidence, courage and competence

Access your badass goddess that has greater agency of how you feel about yourself and the image of who you are both online and offline – breaking through a limiting belief that could be sabotaging your relationships

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Transform your social structure that supports your reimagined, magnificent life so you have awesome options on Friday and Saturday night to bring in and increase your happy!

Who is this for? 
Smart, successful, divorced or single women who are ready to move forward or contemplating how, want to date and don’t have time to waste and who want to have a new tribe of like-minded women to accompany them on their journey.
Space is limited and is first-come, first-serve
Here are the logistics:
When: Friday, November 30, 2018
Time: 2:00 – 5:00 PM
Where: Indigo Hotel, 399 Grove St. Newton (intersection of 128 and the Mass Pike - free parking)
Room: The Library

A little more about who I am and why I am I doing this work
My name is Laura Stone. Picture this: Being on a train heading back home to Boston from a NYC business trip, I am a puddle on the floor, sobbing, gasping for air, realizing I can’t be in this marriage any longer, wondering what kind of mother leaves a marriage and feeling as if I was in the deepest part of a well that I couldn’t get out of. I am having a panic attack. I know I am done. Now I am just wondering what is next.
I went through a nine-year divorce journey that was unbelievably challenging, heart-wrenching and just plain tough, like so many who go through divorce. My ex and I worked with five couple therapists and I worked with three therapists individually. “If I just work harder…” I thought.
I read the books, articles, blogs, research about every aspect of divorce to alleviate my own pain and my children’s. Major themes emerged, including not feeling good enough, having to try harder to keep up and feeling like a fraud.
I finally realized it wasn’t about trying harder. I had tried. Really hard. It wasn’t whether my kids would be ok. I finally realized that they would. It wasn’t about not trusting myself any longer, for I had done my homework. And then some. I came to realize that the last nine years I have been a student of divorce. It was no longer about learning more. I knew. I knew I was done with my marriage, my kids would be fine and finally understood that I was going to be fine too. Because I had a plan, I had done my homework, I had a support structure of amazing friends, I had a vision for my future. And now I want to share with you how to create a magnificent life after divorce.
My entire life has led me here - my greatest value to you is three-fold:

My experience and bringing forward only the best of the best of these post-divorce materials, self-love work and dating processes that really work.

My 25-year strategy, leadership development, purpose, alignment experience with Harvard Business School, Unilever, CVS, Fidelity Investments, to name a few.

My course development and teaching, speaking, coaching expertise with the above institutions to thousands of leaders globally.

All of my experience has uniquely prepared me for this moment – to serve divorced women who are ready to create a new magnificent chapter in their life.
So, do you want to embody that goddess inside of you that is ready to come out and play? If so, come and join your sisters on November 30! Can hardly wait to see you there!!!

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