Online - CUTN-NorthCENTRAL TIP WEBINAR (GoToMeeting)

Thursday 29.11.2018
From 14:00 Up to 15:00
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NJIT & Raritan Valley Community College invite you to the CUTN-NorthCENTRAL Targeted Industry Partnership WEBINAR- GoToMeeting!
Women in Construction Trades Grant Opportunity
GUEST SPEAKERAnabel Damacela, Program Director for NJBuildTopic: This New Grant Opportunity
The Women in Construction Trades grant will assist in providing greater employmentopportunities for females, residing in New Jersey, by providing pre-apprenticeship training,workforce readiness/employability, and a structured work experience which will emphasizevocational-based training for entry-level skills in the construction trades.

This New Jersey Construction-Utilities Talent Network WEBINAR "GoToMeeting" is for anyone in New Jersey who is in or is related to the Construction & Utilities Industry. Educators, associations, labor unions, non-profits, and community organizations are encouraged to attend.
NOTE: GoToMeeting Instructions and link will be forwarded to you before the event.

If you know someone within this NorthCENTRAL region of New Jersey that would benefit from this TIP meeting, please feel free to invite them to register.
Any questions feel free to email Juan Gonzalez at jgon@ Annamaria Lalevee at
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