Paterson Art Walk 2018

The Art Factory - Paterson Art Walk 2018

The Art Factory
Saturday 1.9.2018
From 11:00
Monday 3.9.2018
Up to 18:00
The Art Factory
USPaterson70 Spruce Street07501
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30000 Participant
Art Walk 2018 This is an open call for artists, filmmakers, performers, curators and galleries to submit exhibition, installation and performance proposals for consideration to be included in the Paterson Arts Council’s 2018 Art Walk in Paterson, NJ during the weekend of June 8-10. Many thousands of visitors will attend this tremendous event. Tens of thousands of square feet of space will be available for exhibition. This year we will be exhibiting art in six distinct and exciting ways. The first is through film/photo presentations and projection installations. Second is installation art and we will be accepting proposals from artists who want to create site-specific pieces. Third is through an art fair model of partitioning several larger, raw industrial spaces into booths that will be given to established galleries/arts organizations for them to fill with representations. Forth is a non-specific call to independent artists and curators that will form group shows within designated spaces. Fifth is a call for performance art and live music to be showcased on multiple indoor and outdoor stages. Finally, Art Factory members will be opening their studios. On the following pages are participation guidelines geared toward how to apply for inclusion in this year’s Art Walk (i.e. as a filmmaker or photographer, an installation artist, a gallery, a curator, an artist or a performer). Please, when contacting us with proposals, in the RE: line of your email, type “artwalk – film/photo/projection” or “artwalk – installation artist” or “artwalk – gallery” or “artwalk – curator” or “artwalk – artist” or “artwalk – performer”. That will make sure your email gets into the right hands. Also, try to contact us and meet deadlines earlier, rather than later, because there is a lot to coordinate with this event and we will be reviewing applications and dedicating space and times quickly while developing our wayfinding app. Your email tailored as described above will serve as your application for inclusion. The Paterson Arts Council (PAC) will be the sole determinant of which individuals and groups will be accepted to exhibit and perform during this event, and in what location. There is no fee for those who are accepted to participate as Art Factory Studios is covering the costs, but all participants must provide their own materials, staging equipment and manpower for setup, manning and monitoring of your work, and wrapup. Art Factory Studios will be hosting a free VIP gala and banquet on the evening of Thursday, June 7 for participating artists and invited guests. We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us as a participant, sponsor or just as a guest for the annual Art Walk in Paterson, NJ. June 8-10 Any questions/comments should be directed to 
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