Stand Against Communism

Westlake Park - Stand Against Communism

Westlake Park
Tuesday 1.5.2018
From 13:30 Up to 16:30
Westlake Park
USSeattle401 Pine St98101
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1500000 Participant
Traditionally every year- May 1st is a day that Communist and Antifa run wild through downtown Seattle trying to intimidate police and intimidate freedom loving Americans. This year they will find people who have a different point of view. Club USA will be showing our support for the Police, Trump, Freedom, and AMERICA. Brave souls are welcome to join us. Bring your blue line, American, and Trump flags. This is a peaceful march. This is not a call to violence, but we will have people ready to protect anyone that wants to march with us for your free speech. There will be two groups of people.#1 Those who just want to show their support and march #2 Those who will protect the group from any harrassment from AntifaRemember that fear is the main tactic that Antifa uses to keep people at home and out of the streets.

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