Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Sycamore Tavern - The Dojo of Comedy - Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Sycamore Tavern - The Dojo of Comedy
Thursday 29.8.2019
From 22:00 Up to 23:30
Sycamore Tavern - The Dojo of Comedy
USLos Angeles7038 Sunset Boulevard90028
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John Patrick Shanley's Danny and the Deep Blue Sea follows a powerful self-loathing man and a passionately misunderstood woman, Danny and Roberta. In need of comfort, yet covered by bravado, they strike up a halting, yet hilarious, conversation over their beers. Danny, whose fellow truck drivers call him the Beast for his violent nature - seems to be incapable of tender emotion, while Roberta, tormented by an ugly sexual experience with her Father, is distrustful of men in general. And yet, there is a possibility of hope. Through a barrage of vulnerability and violence, a meaningfully relationship is created - the first for both of them.
John Patrick Shanley creates his Apache Dance - inarticulate and yearning to speak, dangerous and vulnerable, battered and reaching for love. Directed by Janalee Hamblin and performed by Lydia Reynolds and Edvin Walther.
Come experience an immersive dinner theater performance at the Sycamore Tavern upstairs bar - The Dojo of Comedy. THREE DAY PERFORMANCE - FREE PARKING - EAT & DRINK DURING PERFORMANCE*** 
***Come early! Food and beverage can be bought before the show (7PM), and enjoyed during.
18+ Event
Warning - Physical Violence and ****** Content
Performance Dates -
Doors open at 6:30 pm
August 29 at 7:00 pm - Thursday 
August 30 at 7:00 pm - Friday
August 31 at 7:00 pm - Saturday
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