Meditation for Inner Peace

Sacramento Friends Meeting - Meditation for Inner Peace

Sacramento Friends Meeting
Monday 19.8.2019
From 21:00 Up to 22:30
Sacramento Friends Meeting
USSacramento890 57th Street95819
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Led by Andy Griceand the Divine Spark TeamCome Discover WholenessThe Meditation for Inner Peace is a guided meditation for self-healing and restoration. It’s based on the Divine Spark Method and is more advanced than the Meditation for Beginners by master meditation teacher Andy Grice, the overarching focus of the Meditation for Inner Peace is to find your wholeness. By being in a state of wholeness, stress, anxiety, and suffering disappear.As we live our lives, we leave pieces of our energy, our souls, in other places. Whether it was a bad argument, regrets, or fears, your energy can become scattered — which makes you feel scattered. During the Meditation for Inner Peace, you discover how to heal yourself by learning to “call back” this energy. The result is a feeling of restoration and FormatWhile the themes of wholeness, restoration, and inner peace are always the main themes, the guided meditation and exercises Andy leads the class through are surprising, inspiring and participants sit on chairs in a circle with their feet on the floor. Andy will introduce the concept for the day often as a short group discussion/sharing, then the participants close their eyes, get comfortable in their chairs, then move through the guided meditation. The meditation is often followed by a group discussion or self-healing you are new to meditation or a meditation veteran seeking new techniques, the most valuable part of this class is that you’ll discover that you have the tools to bring yourself to a place of wholeness and inner peace whenever you wish. We hope to see you there!COST: $10TIME: 6:00pm - 7:30pmWe invite you to arrive by 5:45 to settle in before the meditation
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