Inner Stillness Circle

Qi - Inner Stillness Circle

Wednesday 21.8.2019
From 5:15 Up to 7:00
AUCaulfield743 Glen Huntly Road3162
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Using the sacred geometry of the circle and group intention to create power upgrades, each week I will take the entire group through a process to resolve stresses being held in your being. No session will be the same as each week the collective of the different experiences of the different attendees will bring a different flavour of what needs to be cleared.

We work through each of your major chakras sequentially using kinesiology style muscle-testing to identify all the unexpressed emotions that are impeding them from functioning optimally (i.e. ‘blocking’ it); then using a very simple combination of breath, sound and acupressure to free the stuck life force until that chakra is as clear as you can get it.

It creates an immediately tangible sense of stillness, wellbeing and joy in you.

Doing it on a regular, ongoing basis strengthens and raises the vibration of your energy body.

You become able to sense more deeply into your field of consciousness, your body and your chakras.

You develop a cleaner relationship with your emotions.

You dissolve automatic stress driven behaviours.

Stuff doesn’t ‘stick’ to you like it used to because you no longer have a resonant vibration with it.

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Your relationships with others improve as you contribute less and less to the low vibes in the dynamic.

You accelerate the integration of any other ‘work’ you are doing.

You need no prior expertise or experience as I will guide you through each emotion clear.

You can come as often as you like.

The session will conclude with a guided meditation, time permitting.
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