Silencing the Inner Critic

Custom House Quay - Silencing the Inner Critic

Custom House Quay
Saturday 24.8.2019
From 8:00 Up to 11:00
Custom House Quay
GBGreenockPA15 1EQ
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The critic judges, shames, taunts, bullies, lies and causes major unhappiness.
The critic will take something that you said and twist and turn it it making you believe that you are a terrible person.
The critic is always on hand to remind you of the things that you cannot do.
The critic is on the lookout for your weaknesses.
The critic knows your flaws.
The critic never rests.
The critic is you. .
What would you do if a friend was to talk to you the way you talk to yourself? I'll tell you what you'd do, you would end the friendship. You can't escape your inner critic though, so why not join me for an afternoon workshop where you will learn the tools to silence, mute and meet the critic.
We will be using techniques from Mindfulness, NLP and Hypnosis to take back control from the inner critic.
You have nothing to lose but negative thoughts.

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