Managing Benefits Practitioner 2 Days Training in Irvine, CA

Regus - Nevada, Las Vegas - Lake Mead Boulevard - Managing Benefits Practitioner 2 Days...

Regus - Nevada, Las Vegas - Lake Mead Boulevard
Monday 9.9.2019
From 12:00
Tuesday 10.9.2019
Up to 20:00
Regus - Nevada, Las Vegas - Lake Mead Boulevard
USLas Vegas7251 W Lake Mead Blvd Suite 30089128
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Course Description:
The purpose of the Managing Benefits™ guidance and certification scheme is to provide managers and practitioners from different disciplines in a variety of organizations with applicable guidance in benefits management principles, practices, and techniques.
This 2-days course enables learners to apply and understand how to tailor the Managing Benefits methodology effectively
 Course Topics:
Module 1: Exam Overview
Module 2: Principles Exercises
Module 3: Group Discussion Topics
 Learning Goals:
To prepare learners for the Managing Benefits Practitioner course by:
 ●      Planning the implementation of benefits management, select appropriate strategies to sustain and measure progress.
●      Selecting and adopt principles, practices, and techniques to suit different organizational environments.
●      Applying activities that should be undertaken during each of the practices of the Benefits Management Cycle together with the accountabilities and responsibilities of each of the defined roles.
●      Evaluating examples of benefits management information (documents).
●      Analyzing the solutions adopted in relation to a given scenario.
 Course Agenda:

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Day 1
Exam Overview
Day 2
Practical Exercises & Group Discussion Topics
Sit in the Sample Practitioner exam
 Who can Attend?
●      Change leaders
●      Change initiators
●      Change appraisers and evaluators
●      Change implementers/enablers
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