Murder and the Macabre

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site - Murder and the Macabre

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site
Friday 26.4.2019
From 20:00 Up to 22:30
Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site
USIndianapolis1230 North Delaware Street46202
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Join Candlelight Theatre for unique, salon-style evening of theatre! This trilogy of one-act thrillers, rotating through the Presidential mansion, complete with candlelight, historical artifacts and the rich ambiance of President Harrison’s original furnishings, is a one-of-a-kind theatre experience.
That Day | Based on a story by Donna Wing; adapted by James Trofatter

Dora Carlton is a happily married woman with a comfortable lifestyle, but her world begins to turn upside down as her existence slowly disappears. Acquaintances no longer know her; familiar surroundings change appearance; even her husband does not recognize her. As she struggles to regain her life, she learns what happened on that day...

Performed in the back parlor

The Hitch-Hiker | by Lucille Fletcher

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This is the tale of Ronald Adams, an average motorist, who sets out to drive from Brooklyn to California, and early on his journey encounters a strange and inexplicable hitch-hiker. His efforts to explain, avoid, and ultimately destroy the constantly appearing figure brings him to a terrifying realization.

Performed in the attic.

Two Bottles of Relish | Based on the story by Lord Dunsany; adapted by Edward Darby

A man has committed a murder, but no one can find the body. Two armchair detectives and their landlady are determined to crack this case that has baffled the highest police authorities. But as the clues unfold, the crime proves to be more sinister than imagined.

Performed in the dining room.

Each one-act is approximately 30 minutes. There will be one 20 minute intermission. This performance is suggested for children ages 12 and older.
Looking for a VIP experience? Book a private room for up to 20 guests and enjoy a night with friends, family, clients, or coworkers!
Reservations strongly suggested. Please direct questions to the Special Events and Marketing Manager: (317) 631-1888 or email
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