Sweat for Next Gen

CompleteBody FiDi - Sweat for Next Gen

CompleteBody FiDi
Sunday 7.4.2019
From 12:00 Up to 13:00
CompleteBody FiDi
USNew York10 Hanover Square10005
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#SweatForNextGen is an active campaign gathering friends and family to raise awareness and funds for children with untreated limb disabilities in the developing world. Our first installment of this sweat-inspired, calorie-crunching, adrenaline fuled event is hosted by ALTSO's Next Generation Club in CompleteBody's FiDi studio to bring our children the treatment needed to access life-changing opportunities like education, work and mobility.

Price of ticket includes Circuit25 class entrance.

About Circuit25
25 is the magic number. Every session has 25 minutes focused on body-transforming body weight exercises and another 20 minutes that hit you with cardio, core and a cool down. Your pace, your workout.

Who We Are
The Next Generation Club is a group of young professionals working together in New York, Chicago and London to drive ALTSO’s overarching mission of supporting children with untreated limb disabilities whose family cannot afford treatment. Our purpose is to maximize ALTSO’s efforts by uniting young professionals, ALTSO’s Next Generation, through signature events, community engagement activations and a membership club - the Next Generation Club. Together, as a rising generation, we can work with ALTSO to give children the treatment they need and access to life-changing opportunity. Learn more and join the club here!

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