Self-Discovery Workshop #2

Libbie Mill Library - Self-Discovery Workshop #2

Libbie Mill Library
Thursday 7.3.2019
From 10:00 Up to 12:00
Libbie Mill Library
USRichmond2100 Libbie Lake East St23230
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The self-discovery coaching help individuals explore, connect to their authentic selves – and align their lives with who they really are!
-You have lost a true sense of who you are?
-Putting more pressure on yourself?

-You struggle with a good relationship with yourself, always criticizing self?

-You struggle with letting go of the pain, disappointments and hurt; instead you suppress the emotions.

-You put others before you?

I have walked this path of depression, lost sense of value, always put extreme pressure on myself- I did self discovery, let me now help you.
This workshop with take you through steps of self-discovery-the authentic YOU!

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