Woodshop Orientation

Make Nashville - Woodshop Orientation

Make Nashville
Tuesday 19.2.2019
From 20:00 Up to 21:30
Make Nashville
USNashville947 Woodland Street37206
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Instructor: Maverick Edwards
Are you a new member who wants to use Make Nashville's wood shop? OR do you just want to learn how to use some basic woodworking tools?
We want you to come to our space and make some spectactular things, but first we would like to go over some basic tool usage and some safety items that you just need to know. 
Tools covered:

Table Saw
Band Saw
Radial Arm Saw
Belt Sander
And more...


A dust mask (if you want to use it)
Hearing protection (if you want to use it)

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Safety glasses (REQUIRED)

If you would like to come in and *use* the wood shop outside of this class, you must be a member. 
Not yet a member? Sign up for membership here:
A paid membership doesn't automatically guarantee you'll just get to come and use all our tools. First and foremost, we need to make sure you can demonstrate that you know how to safely use them. We don't want you to injur yourself or anyone else, and also proper training helps prevent damage to our tools. 
Not all classes are free for members, but they are always at least discounted. Why is this? Our instructors are experts; some choose to volunteer their time, and some need to earn money for sharing their knowledge and experience because this is how they make their living. 
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