Back to You - Exploring Self Care

Body Kinect Wellness Center - Back to You - Exploring Self Care

Body Kinect Wellness Center
Sunday 14.7.2019
From 13:30 Up to 15:30
Body Kinect Wellness Center
USElizabeth City601 East Main Street27909
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Do you ever feel just completely drained, forgetting simple thoughts and as if you’re running on complete empty? If you're fielding breakfast routines and board meetings, chasing down children for diaper changes and outfit changes, fielding project deadlines and the soccer league practice, cleaning the house and dirty noses, making lunches and dinners, preparing memos and lunchboxes.... you’re long overdue for this time. 

So often as women, we find ourselves going, going, going - without stopping to think or take care of ourselves. Self-care is such an important aspect of being a mother, a wife, and an ***** - yet we never give ourselves the grace to enjoy it! Whether we feel like the world will end if we take an hour - or even 30 minutes - to ourselves, or we literally have no way to carve out the time, you won't want to miss this class.

Join Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Erin Crites for a morning of self-exploration. We'll discuss what self-care is, why it's important, and the ways it can vary across areas of our life. Erin will guide us through activities that will enlighten us to what areas of out life that we may need a little self-love in, and demonstrate how to find time for that which lights us up.

Together we will learn:
~ what self-care is (hint: not just massages)
~ what area of self-care are you craving
~ how we can build self-care into our routines
~ creating loving affirmations for ourselves
~ creating a self-care practice   

$15 workshop fee
Registration required.
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